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Learn the power of an online brand for your real estate business.

If you were asked, “what is your brand?”, could you immediately and accurately articulate what it would be?

The purpose of this introductory online storytelling class is to shift your mindset to stop thinking about what you are doing and more so focus on WHY you are doing it. People relate to the human element of marketing. You have to have an appearance online.

In this class, you can expect to learn:

– What is a brand archetype and how it can shift your whole business

–¬†How to create a compelling value statement

– Defining your core value propositions

– How to EFFECTIVELY story tell through social media


Instructed by:

Brian Nachlas

Brian Nachlas
Marketing and Technology Director

His entire professional career, Brian has made it a primary focus to always keep growing. Being educated and knowledgeable are paramount to the success of an individual. Brian takes significant pride in what he has accomplished in his career as well as where he sees himself going. Brian has had diverse experiences that have helped ensure that he is able to learn new skillsets very quickly.

Brian is fascinated by the Marketing and Advertising industry. For nearly 20 years, he has gained significant experience working with Web Design, Advertising, Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Analytics, Social Media, Video, and many other areas of Web Marketing.

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