Foundation Repair Essentials - January 28, 2020 - North Dallas


Join us for a discussion on the essentials of foundation repair covering the following topics:

  • Understanding foundations
  • Defining foundation problems
  • How foundations are evaluated
  • Types of foundation repair
  • Why one should repair a foundation
  • How to maintain your foundations
  • Plumbing in relation to foundations

Course ID: #37596
Credit Hours: 3 CE
Cost: FREE


January 28, 2020
10 am – 1:30 pm

Texas Title Dallas
19111 Dallas Pkwy, Suite 120
Dallas, TX 75287
(972) 733-3800


Brian Ramon

“MBRGFR.COM proudly serves the DFW Metroplex areas as a contractor and foundation repair company. Our employees have over 350 years of combined experience, making our identity consistent with the character of our highly skilled staff. MBRGFR.COM is the first truly integrated foundation repair company. Whether you are a homeowner looking to fix your home for comfort, or a realtor buying or selling with deadlines, we are determined to make the repair process meet your every need.”

Provider name: MBRGFR.COM
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